Monday, August 27, 2007

Material things...New DVD's

Dexter - Great Showtime mini series about a serial killer who kills serial killers

Behind The Mask - A new take on the slasher film - A documentary film crew follows a slasher who is prepping his big night. (i.e. Halloween - Nightmare on Elm Street - etc)

Meatballs - what has to be said about this film.

The Prestige - what a creepy film - caught on cable the other day and the wife hated it ....I thought it was very sick and evil.

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Gwyneth said...

I think The Prestige had a great premise. And from what I understand the book is very good. That being said; bad acting, bad editing, and an ending that anyone who's watched this type of movie before could see coming from a mile away led me to give it a thumbs down.