Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Material things...New DVD's

Big Horror week for DVDs ...maybe the biggest ever.....

But wouldn't you know it -

Best Buy
Barns & Noble
FYE (Greenberg)
Circuit City

...Aren’t (for the near future) carrying (almost) any of the 20ish DVD’s that came out 9/11/07

From Beyond

I was lucky to get the last copy of it at my local Best Buy (Yonkers...a shitty store since X-Mas-05)
All of the DVDs I bought today have never been out on US Region 1 DVD.

Best Buy Universal Classic Sci-Fi DVD Collection V2

For twenty bucks you can’t go wrong with this set.
5 Movies

Dr. Cyclops
Cult of the Cobra
The Land Unknown
The Deadly Mantis
The Leeach Woman

The Burning

F**k’em....To Amazon I go .....should be at the house by Monday
I have never seen this movie???....somehow slipped by me and so of course it takes forever to come out....
Here are some notable people involved with this film

Jason Alexander
Fisher Stevens
Holly Hunter
Harvey Weinstein
Brad Grey


F**k’em Again....To Amazon I go .....should be at the house by Monday
Don’t think I ever saw this movie ether....

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