Monday, December 10, 2007

Led Zeppelin is back....ahhh yeahhh

Led Zeppelin
Setlist - O2 Arena, London - 12/10/07
1 - Good Times Bad Times
2 - Ramble On
3 - Black Dog
4 - In My Time Of Dying
5 - For Your Life
6 - Trampled Underfoot
7 - Nobody’s Fault
8 - No Quarter
9 - Since I’ve Been Loving You
10 - Dazed And Confused
11 - Stairway To Heaven
12 - Song Remains The Same
13 - Misty Mountain Hop
14 - Kashmir
15 - Whole Lotta Love
16 - Rock N Roll

borrowed the images from Gettty Images - The Sun


gpe said...

Ah yes it looks like it was hell of a show from all the reviews and post I will there be a dvd, tour?

Heff said...

Thanks for posting the setlist. I was curious as to what they jammed. I've heard nothing but positive reviews so far. I'm sure they'll pump out at least a dvd of some sort.

John Mulligan said...

or go on tour.....if we dare hope

gpe said...

When I was set to see Page with the Black Crows his back went out two weeks prior (tour canceled) so I won't get my hopes up too high...

John Mulligan said...

Scott and I caught that tour at

Jones Beach
July 10, 2000

Set List
01 Celebration Day
02 Wanton Song
03 Misty Mountain Hop
04 Hots On For Nowhere
05 No Speak No Slave
06 Sick Again
07 What Is And What Should Never Be
08 Horsehead
09 Oh Well
10 Ten Years Gone
11 In My Time Of Dying
12 Just Can't Be Satisfied
13 Your Time Is Gonna Come
14 Remedy
15 The Lemon Song
16 In The Light
17 Shapes Of Things
18 Nobody's Fault But Mine
19 Heartbreaker
20 Bring It On Home
21 She Talks To Angels
22 Out On The Tiles
23 Whole Lotta Love

alot of "holy shits" that night....

In The Light,,,was just sick...

gpe said...

Holy Shit is right...Im reading the list and that exactly what I said when I saw "In the light" listed.. I love the cd but obviously they covered lots more then they fit onto the two disk!

I get bummed everytime I think about missing that show...thanks!1!