Monday, December 31, 2007

Lists of 07 - Books I Bought....

In no are most of the books that I picked up this year...

Coney Island Lost and found.......I used to browse this book everytime I was in the B&N in City Center White Plains...So after our trip to Coney Island I had to buy it. Great Book.

Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday The 13th
If your a fan of the Friday the 13th movies you should already have this..if not this is the book to get.

Mario Bava All the Colors of the Dark

A overwhelming book....Proud to own a copy.

From Hell
Another above and beyond book....I finally snagged the hardcover this year.

Universal Horrors: The Studio's Classic Films, 1931-1946

The Walking Dead Book 3
I have been collecting this series from the beginning and it keep getting better.

No Country Fro Old Men


joyce said...

Very interesting John, & quite a collection. Many of those books would give me night mares! I'm glad you can handle it but what a bout Gwyneth??

John Mulligan said...

....she is good with it....for now....wait till I get around to framing my horror movie posters...I am sure we will have a lively discussion on where we will hang them.