Monday, February 18, 2008

Movies I Caught up with - February

Diary of the Dead - MOVIE THEATER
The History Boys - CABLE
Captivity - NETFILX
Night at the Museum - CABLE
Mr. Brooks - NETFILX
Balls of Fury - Blockbuster
The Tripper-NETFLIX
Black Sheep-NETFLIX
Pixar Short Films Collection - Volume 1-NETFLIX

TV I'm watchin....

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles-FOX
The Wire-HBO
The Oscars-ABC

Video Games I'm playin - Xbox 360

Quake 4
Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga


Heff said...

From a guy that seems to know his shit about this type of movie, How was "Diary of the Dead" ?

John Mulligan said...

....I'm a big fan of George Romero and my first impression was it was just OK....a Three star movie....

but I'm digesting it....

Night of the Living Dead - *****

Dawn of the Dead - *****

Day of the Dead - ***1/2

Land of the Dead - ** 1/2

Diary of the Dead - ***

Heff said...

Dawn of the Dead (the original, of course) would have to be my favorite thus far. I have yet to see the last two though.

John Mulligan said...

I agree, Dawn of the Dead (1978) is the best.

joyce said...

Hey john, the only movie i saw that is on your Feb list is Night At the museum, we enjoyed it
and I'm a lostie, don't know why but i like that show except i am not liking the future parts, it gets a bit confusing.

gpe said...

Likin the post muggs..keep em goin!

Love the Wire..too bad its the last season...

Have you caught Dexter (not on nbc)? Thats a really good show worth the rental or download (how I watch..) if you don't have showtime...

John Mulligan said...

Dexter is great - dont have Showtime - picked up the DVD of season 1

I'm lovin lost....the more complex the better...

This may help..

joyce said...

i will check that out.