Monday, March 31, 2008

Rock Show Ads - Megadeth - 1

Way back in the late eighties I went to a hell of alota shows. This new blog series is to show off some cool shows I went to and their ads in the paper (E.C. Rocker - The Village Voice) - Enjoy

The First entry is - Megadeth at the Beacon Theater 4/22/88 - Great Show - We had the best seats we ever got for a show there - 4th row center - and we snuck a camera in! - and the pictures came out great!!!

NEW PICTURES - 5/13/08 - Thanks Pete!

Sadly this is the only show that I took picturs at that the photos look good. The rest are of the back of peoples heads.....these pictures were taken with a P.O.S. 110 camera


Heff said...

Awesome shots from an awesome era.

John Mulligan said...