Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rock Show Ads - Ozzy - 9

Ozzy Ozbourne - Anthrax - Brendan Byrne Arena - 12/8/88

This was a last minute offered a ticket on the day of..and off we went..

Very strange to see Anthrax like this...can't say their show translated well to a arena..

Now Ozzy was a whole diffrent show...not sure what I expected but Zakk Wylde blew me was one of those moments like "who the fuck is that"!


Heff said...

Now THAT had to be one hell of a show. I catch Ozzy whenever he's in town, and have ever since about 1983.

swm said...

Mark brought me to see Black Label Society at The Nokia Theater in Times Square two years ago. Zakk put on a good show. The one thing I couldn't get over was seeing everybody wearing leather jackets. I felt like I was transported back to the eighties.