Friday, April 4, 2008

Rock Show Ads - Slayer - 8

Slayer - Danzig - The Felt Forum - 8/31/88
The Seat Cushion Riot

I went to this show ....and its the most out of control concert I have ever been to...and that's saying a bunch.

The MSG staff from the start had no clue what was going to happen....not that anybody could of anticipated what happened...

The concert was a controlled riot from song one Raining Blood ..... the pit was very aggressive even for a Slayer show.....( and then )

Someone in the back thought it was a good idea to rip out a seat cushion and throw it at the band......and that started a deluge of "fans" to do the same...

and no I did not throw one seat cushion.. (I did take one home)....I was fighting for my life in the pit..(my back was to the soundboard on the floor).......

Raining Blood
Silent Scream
At Dawn They Sleep
Read Between The Lies
Fight Till Death
Mandatory Suicide
Kill Again
Behind The Crooked Cross
Die By The Sword
Altar Of Sacrifice
Jesus Saves
Chemical Warfare
Ghost Of War
Angel Of Death


Red said...

I'm lovin John Adams, it is a good visual of the revolution for all the dummies out there...

John Mulligan said...

I agree....So far so good..