Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Venue Marquee - Street's- New Rochelle - NY - 1987

This was our local club......we had alot of good times in here

Here is a list of bands I have seen there..

Testament - D.R.I - Death - Dark Angel - Danzig - Destruction - Kreator - Wargasm - I.N.C. - TT Quick - Biohazard - Vio-lence - Suicidal Tendencies - Nuclear Assault - M.O.D. - Youth of Today - Murphy's Law - Cro-Mags - LudiChrist - Sacred Reich - etc

Played but I did not attended

- Ramones - Pantera

Found a good shot of Nuclear Assault playin at Streets - 1988


Heff said...

Bust a move !

John Mulligan said...

You should saw me gettin thrown out of there during the Dark Angel / Death show......snuck back in helpin Dark Angel bring in their equipment....

swm said...

Did Streets ever close? The Front of the club looks vaguely familiar. If it did close what took its place.

PeteD said...

So many memories of Streets!

My top 3:

1) Me knocking down Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies while stage diving.

2) Me throwing an empty plastic cup in the air during a Testament show. I accidentally hit Chuck Billy in the head with it, he saw it was me and threatened to smash my face while still continuing the song they were ripping. Meanwhile there are like 500 kids going fucking nuts around the joint. Why so sensitive Chuck?

1) Me catching a stage-diver, falling back into some 4'8" chick, who got offended. She tapped me on the back and when I turned around she clocked me in the mouth. Her boyfriend stepped in and apologized and ushered her away.

sped013 said...

Hi John!

This is Paul, I was one of the bartenders at Streets (87-94)! So many great memories in that place, everyone was like family there!

Thanks for posting a comment on my Streets Tribute page,

Also, checkout

John Mulligan said...

Hey Paul - you probably server me a couple of beers...we used to fake the 21 stamp as soon as we got in....Great Times - john

John Mulligan said...

Next time i'm in town i will take a new picture of the place scott.

swm said...


gpe said...

Great thread, thats a hell of a list!