Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WWR - World War Robot

The only thing that really knocked me out at this years NY Comic Con was the images and toys from this upcoming comic book....

World War Robot
- written by Jon M Gibson and drawn by Ashley Wood.

art is from Ashley Wood website
image is from Vinyl*Pulse

Now I just need to go out and buy the Comic book ,Toys & Artwork


John said...

was there any word on when the book is coming out?

the site, and his other sites, are a little sparse on that kind of info, were they any more forthcoming at the booth?

John Mulligan said...

sometime in said this months (MAY 2008) Diamond Previews book - under IDW Publishing

Price is $11.95

12 x 12

John Mulligan said...

at the booth..

I saw the $350 dollar price tag & lottery to buy one of the Bertie robot figures and it spooked me outta there...never spoke to anybody...