Thursday, May 1, 2008

What I Watched & Read - April

Movies -
Foxy Brown - Cable
Payback (Directors Cut) - Netflix
Planet of the Apes - Cable
The Ruins - theater
Next - Cable
Beyond Re-Animator - Cable
Way of the Dragon - Cable
The Invasion - Netflix
Motel Hell - Cable
Fracture - Cable
Becoming Jane - Netflix - (Ugh)
Reno 911 : Miami - Cable
Them (ils) - Netflix
Cloverfield - DVD

TV -
John Adams
Hell's Kitchen
Battlestar Galactica
South Park
The Office
30 Rock
Howard TV
Pope TV - (couldn't get away from the coverage - here in Yonkers)
Carrier - PBS
A Shot at Love II with Tila Tequila - VH1

Reading -
A Reader's Guide to Blood Meridian
The Ruins

Comic Books -

Abe Sapien
The Walking Dead
Pax Romana
Mouse Guard


Gwyneth said...

Becoming Jane - Netflix - (Ugh)

You didn't HAVE to watch it.

John Mulligan said...

but i I know about Jane Austin and I'm better for it.

Gwyneth said...

And knowing is half the battle!