Thursday, November 13, 2008

This makes me feel sick........

From the NY Times - Moving the Babe


red said...

Why sick?

That stadium sucked!

No sushi, no chinese food, no Carls jr, no parking, no bar with a view...

The only thing that place had going for it was a poured beer at your seat, a luxury I sorely miss, and knishes!!!!

Can't wait to see the new place and have sushi with my sam adams at the bar with a window of the field or even at my seat!!!

and some curly garlic fries too!!!

Heff said...

Thanks. Now I'm hungry.

red said...

Has the Heff ever been to NYC or Yankee stadium???

John Mulligan said...

Chris - I dont know who you are anymore?

red said...

I'm a "Californio"!!

Change is good!

Fuk NYC! Fuk the bums, the humidity, the trains, the smelly import cabbies, the traffic, the taxes and all those fukkers in a rush to nowhere!!!

Fuk those overpriced tickets, poser corporate fans, overpriced watered down beer, the yuppies, the wannabee yuppies and all those fukken complainers too!

Fuk em all!

(You, Gwen and any other of the relatives excluded of course.)

Today I am leavin work, if you can call it that, takin my boy down the street to the beach where its gona be 87 degrees and were gona ride the rickshaw to the swing set on the sand, then take a nap and then I'm gona sneek in some tasty San Diego brewed Stone IPA's!!!!

Your right you don't know me anymore!!!

But I know YOU!!!!

Brofy said...

Red, please tell me you are not serious, and btw Yankee Stadium does not sell knishes, thats Shea, get your facts straight...yanks