Thursday, April 16, 2009

DMB @ MSG 4/14/09

In a hope to pull ourselves out of a terrible winter and 7 sad months...Gwyneth and I went to see the Dave Matthews Band @ Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night and for the first time in a bit, we had a great time....despite the cold and rainy night....

Setlist -

Don’t Drink the Water
Funny The Way It Is
You Might Die Trying
Dancing Nancies
Melissa - w/Gregg Allman
So Damn Lucky
Why I Am
Ants Marching
Two Step

Tripping Billies


Heff said...

Please recommend some DMB albums, or has he got a "greatest hits" compilation out there yet ? Heff digs him, but never made the purchases.

Gwyneth said...

Hi Heff,
DMB does have a greatest hits collection. It's called, "The Best of What's Around, Vol. 1" and is a good place to start, as it includes both studio and live tracks.

My favorite studio albums are "Under the Table and Dreaming", "Before These Crowded Streets" and "Busted Stuff".

The band has also released several live records. I like the Weekend at Red Rocks, Live in Central Park and Live in Chicago.

John probably has a completely different opinion, but thought I'd put my $.02 in.

Heff said...

Gwyneth - Thanks. Sounds like you know what you're talking about to me !

John Mulligan said...

Heff -

I agree with Gwyneth.

The Best of What's Around, Vol. 1 - is a great place to start with DMB.