Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pepsi Throwback.....WTF

.....I used to love Pepsi....and then sometime around '89 - 90....I found myself preferring Coke...and not lovin Pepsi anymore....what the fuck...

Pepsi changed from sugar being their sweetener to high fructose corn syrup some time in the Mid 80' im thinkin this might be the reason i switched??

so of course Gwyneth and I did a blind taste test to......

The Test:
1 - Can we pick which one is which...
2- Which one do we like
3- And for me, to see if i remember why i switched brands...

The Results:
1 - We both identified each correctly.

2- Gwyneth liked neither, but thought the Pepsi Throwback was better tasting - (did not like the chemical aftertaste of regular Pepsi)
- I liked the Regular Pepsi!...- (did not like the flat soda aftertaste of the Pepsi Throwback)

3 - Inconclusive....still not sure why i switched...Pepsi Throwback is nothin special

1 comment:

Heff said...

I've been curious to do the same thing. Hell, I may just buy ONE for the nostalgic bottle.