Monday, June 8, 2009

Times Square - 6/6/09

After the Fangoria Convention I walked back to Grand Central, and on the way i stopped by Times Square (I usually avoided because its very busy and lotsa crazy tourist) to check out the new pedestrian walkways...

The Mayor thought that... why not take the most busiest intersection in the US and close it down and put beach chairs in the middle od the street......I had to see it


The view from the new "steps" on top of the TKTS booth

I like the new Times Square....all the open space really changes the vibe...alot more bring the kids...LOL


gpe said...

Good pics and commentary Muggs.. Saw this on the news and thought ok closing it down for walking isn't a bad idea but then I saw the lawn chairs and had to they should put out that cheesy plastic chairs like you guys had at 327 so people can get drunk and toss them

Kim Comstock said...

What...those chairs are permanent? that is hilarious! I saw a few stories about NY wanting in make part of times square pedestrian only. it sounded like they were going to shut down some of the streets. is that what they did?

John Mulligan said...

Kim - Yes they are - and Yes they did....turning Time Square in to a Ped walkway

Gary - Thanks