Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Top 13 movies for 2009

In no particular order...

The Hurt Locker - (Great)
Avatar - (Great)

The Road - (Great)
Martyrs - Netflix - (Very Good)
District 9 - Theater - (Very Good)
Moon - Theater - (Very Good)
The Hangover - Theater - (Very good)
Timecrimes (Los Cronocrimenrs)- Netflix - (Good)
Gomorrah - Theater - (ok).....a little bit of a let down

Watchmen - Theater - great...I couldnt ask for a better adaption...
Drag Me To Hell - Theater - (Great)

UP - Theater - (Great)

Biggest pile of shit for 2009....

Terminator Salvation - Theater - (Blah)


Heff said...

Peekaboo !!!

The only movie in your list that I actually saw was "The Hangover".

Wait ! That wasn't a movie ! Aw, hell....

once a big HEFF fan said...


What gives with the VIP blogg you running these days????

Power to the people! Let the people back!

What are you afraid of????

Dont censor the HEFF!!!!!

John Mulligan said...

Hey Heff....Glad to see your still creepin around....you retire the bar?

Heff said...

I'm assuming "Once a big Heff Fan" is Red ???

The blog is still intact, just locked her down to take a break. I'll keep ya posted.

John Mulligan said...

That's cool...let us know when the bar is reopened.

RED said...

Can't wait to get back into the world of the HEFF!!!!

Rock on!