Monday, October 6, 2008

My Comic Book Art Collection

This addiction started in 1998, when I fell in love with a bunch of comic books called "The Authority" - "Planetary" - "Top 10". The artist just blew me away - Frank Quitely, John Cassaday, Gene Ha, and Bryan Hitch. With the internet, it was now easy to track down the original art of these books. Enjoy

The Authority - #14 - page 16
Pencils: Frank Quitely, Inks.........
* This art was edited by D.C. when published - They changed the "Engineer" fliping the bird to the U.K. version...using two fingers....which makes no sence...she wasn't British..

Here is a close up of the coloring instructions...

Planetary - #2 - page 23
Pencils & Ink: John Cassaday

Top 10 - #5 - page 19
Pencils & Ink: Gene Ha, Layouts: Zander Cannon

From Hell - #5 - page 34 - 35 - 36

Pencils & Ink: Eddie Campbell

Mouse Guard - #3 - Page 11
By David Petersen

G.I. Joe Special Missions - #26 - Page 16

Pencils: Herb Trimpe, Ink: Danny Bulanad


The Authority - #3 - page 9
Pencils: Bryan Hitch, Ink: Paul Neary

The Authority - #10 - page 9
Pencils: Bryan Hitch, Ink: Paul Neary

The Walking Dead - #26, Page 14

Pencils: Charlie Adlard


Heff said...

Never heard of most of those. I was more of a "mainstream geek".

John Mulligan said...

...each one of those comics was a discovery for me....and I was so happy just to find something that was not a "tradition" comic book, that I almost had to have a piece of it....crazy...

All of those artist have moved on to big deal comic jobs at DC & Marvel - drawing... Superman, Batman, Xmen, Avengers,..etc...